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Improve Your Career With Social Media

Not until I met Professor Nixon in P.R. Publications did I realize how gigantic the field of social networking and media really is. I didn’t know that grown adults, not just young teeny-boppers and college kids, were all over the internet displaying as much information as their children. At first I found this kind of weird and time-consuming, but with a closer look, I’ve come to realize that the growing popularity of social media in the field of many careers, not just public relations, isn’t such a bad thing after all.

According to, an excellent blog on the “exploring the intersection of communications, marketing and social media,” there are many professional benefits to adding social media into your life. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Obtain references- more companies are looking to recruit people online, so why not connect with co-workers or clients through a networking site to help you find a job?

2. Stay on top of industry trends- new information is constantly being put into cyberspace, and following certain blogs pertaining to your career can help you soak up knowledge.

3. Improve your writing- the more you write, the more you expand your creativity and broaden your horizons on different topics. practice, practice, practice.

4. Learn from others- reading other people’s blogs and podcasts is going to gain useful tips while giving you the chance to give your opinions to others as well.

So whether you decide to venture into the deep sea of social networking or not, remember it doesn’t have to complicate your life. Use blogging or podcasting as a positive part of your portfolio that shows the world who you really are. Social media doesn’t have to be scary. Make it entertaining and as free-flowing as possible!

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Why You Should Get A Blogging Buddy!

The world of blogging can be scary, and sometimes I find myself lost and confused. Other than doing projects for publications, I’m not an avid blogger. Maybe I would be more motivated to post topics if I had more friends in the blogging community. Unfortunately, none of my friends have a blog of any kind. That’s when I realized it would be a good idea to find a friend online that could teach me the ropes of expanding my networking skills.

Eric Hamm from Up-And-Coming-Blogger and “Motivate Thyself” and Sean Platt from Writer Dad came up with 10 good reasons for having a “blogging buddy” on the internet. The following 5 are my favorite reasons:

5 Good Reasons To Blog With A Friend!

These boys obviously have a fun time combining their blogging skills.

1. You can have someone to vent to, who understands your situation.

“Simply knowing that someone else is feeling, or has felt, something similar, can be all we need to know our feelings are only fleeting.”

2. You can help each other stay motivated as you share encouragement.

“Your buddy is part of your team. Success for one means success for all.”

3. You can feedback on posts, prior to pressing publish.

“Having someone with whom to send our words for perusal can make all the difference in how we feel about our work.”

4. You can share each others posts through social media and with other bloggers.

“Even with audience overlap, a post spread by your blogging buddy will extend to a different audience than your own.”

5. You can share each others talents.

“Fate seems to have an odd way of laying opposites together, and often you will find that the talents of your blogging buddy, or buddies, will nicely compliment your own.”

Hamm and Platt make some excellent points about why blogging shouldn’t be as hard as people make it out to be. Life is all about who you know and getting to know more people in the process, and by blogging with a partner, there is definitely going to be an increase in the amount of readers exposed to your blog. Having someone to vent my frustrations to is something I would absolutely enjoy, instead of sitting at my computer with an angry face hoping it will notice I am frustrated. Bottom line, it helps to have input from another blogger. Now I am going to have to search for the perfect blogging buddy! I wonder if you go to eHarmony or….

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Photography Made Simple

I feel like my friends and family take way too many pictures. Not necessarily good photos, but random shots of everything and anything that is going on around them. I, on the other hand, do not share the same desire (or possess a decent camera) to take tons of pictures. When I do decide I want to capture something, I try to take the best picture I can. I took 2 years of photography in high school, and since I use a digital camera like everyone these days, I forgot that the skills I learned with my 35mm camera can also apply to my new camera. Here are a few things I try to remember when taking pictures:

Rule of Thirds

This is based around the idea that a picture can be divided into 9 equal parts, with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines going through it, creating 4 intersecting points. By aligning the center of interest or focal point on one of these 4 points, the picture looks more interesting and has more energy. This is definitely a rule that can spice up your photos because it’s more appealing to look at a photo that isn’t centered right in the middle.

Sunrise and a cow by *owen

Move Around!

I think people are afraid to move their bodies when they take pictures. My grandmother takes amazing photographs of my family, and I think look so unique because she seems to move with the shots. She captures the essence of the picture by taking them at different angles and distances. If you’re shooting kids or people in action, don’t be afraid to get on the ground and be creative!

4 Basic Elements

According to talented photographer Bob Krist, there are four components of a excellent photograph.

1. Good color

2. Good composition

3. Beautiful light

4. A sense of moment (tells a story)

Coccinellidae II - Mariquita in the beach by yamiq.

By keeping these different tips in mind, your photos can go from plain to pretty awesome!

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