social media an excellent tool during haiti crisis

In the wake of the awful events that have struck Haiti over the past weeks, there has been a tremendous amount of global help for those who are suffering and are in desperate need of aid. Since the earthquake that hit the small country left thousands dead and land ruined, it has been hard for people to fly there and help first-hand. Instead, social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, television, and texting have all provided various ways for anyone to contribute aid instantly and easily.

Not only are audiences receiving updates on the Haiti Crisis through traditional media such as newspapers, radio, television, etc., but the new wave of social media popularity is providing an opportunity for a younger generation to do their part and help those in need via their favorite online networking sites. Facebook groups with a certain number of members are guaranteeing to donate money, and Twitter has made it easy to gain access to many reputable organizations working in Haiti.

The American Red Cross twitter page is extremely informative and helpful in providing followers with facts on how much donations would provide people in Haiti, along with pictures and updates on the work being done. I feel like they have done such a professional and smart approach to how to use Twitter during a tragic event. By providing facts on what exactly a $50 or $100 donation would provide, people will be more likely to want to donate when they are aware of what their money is going towards.

Although some people may be wary about donating money through text messaging, this is still a very effective way to use social media. Texting is such a universal tool that people of all ages are using, and when phones are always at your fingertips, it is simple to click a few buttons to make a positive contribution. Hopefully the ways social media is being implemented for the Haiti Crisis will prove to be a strong tool that will help the wounded during these hard times.



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3 responses to “social media an excellent tool during haiti crisis

  1. Hope For Haiti Now. See what you can do @

  2. marielorelei

    I think that the Haiti earthquake crisis showed just how helpful and effective social media technologies can be for society. The fact that organizations were soliciting help by allowing our text obsessed generation to do something so noble via text message was a beautifully innovative idea. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to donate to an effort but having your donations be added directly to your cell phone bill by sending a text to a number, that’s pretty awesome. If this is a sign of things to come, then social media is not only here to stay but it’s a great tool that can help needy people in all walks of life.

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