Social Media Monitoring- Ethical?

The idea of everything I do on the internet being monitored reminds me of the show Big Brother. Yes, it is not as strict in that I can sleep unwatched at night, but when computers play such a common role in our everyday life, it can make us somewhat cautious about what we are searching online. I am required to keep a media log for my Comm Theory class, and have noticed I am trying to stay off the internet more so that I do not have to keep track of the websites I visit. This is for the main reason that I am too lazy to write down every single fact about my internet habits because it becomes very tedious when all I do is visit Facebook, Twitter, and my email accounts. Using a system such as Radian6 seems kind of intimidating and scary to me.

Some argue that monitoring social media is very intrusive and can be damaging to one’s career or business as a whole if inappropriate actions are found. I know someone who recently got fired for accessing very inappropriate websites on their computer at work, not knowing it would be monitored. I think it is unethical to be accessing inappropriate websites in a work setting, especially when the employee receives a high salary and has other duties to be performing. Social media monitoring is a good tool to use in order to make sure employees are being professional and efficient. On the other hand, I do not think it is ethical to monitor the social media habits of students or others unknowingly, unless it is for some form of educational research. The internet is large enough to find out virtually anything you want to know about other people. If you need a monitoring system for purpose that is not work or school related, you are just taking one more step in becoming a full-time internet stalker.



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2 responses to “Social Media Monitoring- Ethical?

  1. marielorelei

    I think that last line about being one step closer to an internet stalker is just plain hilarious. I have to disagree with one thing though, maybe you don’t have to use social media monitoring for work or school related tasks but just personal ones. If you’re someone who is popular enough or paranoid enough, then maybe you would want to do a little social media monitoring for yourself. I figure so long as people are willing to post things about themselves on the internet, it’s completely ethical for others to try and take a look at it. If there is something out there that you don’t want something to know about you, then it’s probably in your best interest to you know…not post it on the internet.

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