Like a bowl of potpurri…

Social media has been around for years, but it seems that the term has sprung into everyday vocabulary out of nowhere over the past months. From facebook to twitter and all of the fancy gadgets that Apple is constantly coming up with, our society is constantly updating our lives via technology. But what does the term “social media” mean to each of us? People offered many definitions on Adam Vincenzini’s twitter page, and obviously there is no right or wrong interpretation. Some of my favorite ones…

  • @DannyBrown Social media is the human engine oil. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mini or Mercedes, you get an equal shot to compete in the race.
  • [This is so true! It doesn’t matter if you are tech-savvy or what kind of social media outlet you use, everyone has the equal opportunity to use the internet for whatever they desire.]
  • @anna8988 Social networking; the only place you’ll find other nutters who share your interest in crazy things like pig Olympics and cat circuses!
  • [Social networking is always for professional and educational purposes; it definitely is used by me for searching for odd cat videos and talking about my favorite things on Twitter.]
  • @therealprmoment Social Media is PR’s biggest opportunity 20 years.
  • [Public relations and virtually every job in communications is undoubtedly benefitting from the simplicity and possiblities of social media!]

Creating my own definition of what social media means is sort of intimidating because the term “media” itself holds covers so many different concepts. But here it goes…

“Social media is like a bowl of potpurri; you can put anything you want in it and it is unique to you and your interests.”


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