Search Engine Visibility

After reading the article on Search Engine Visibility and the different search methods that companies use to get their products and businesses popular on the internet, I got a headache thinking about how much information is truly on the internet! It is such a big and constantly-expanding universe that is only going to obtain more links and facts as time goes on. I learned that there are two types of search tactics- Paid Search and Optimized Search. These are essentially tools that marketers and web-professionals use to place their products and sites at the top of search engine results in order to receive maximum visibility. Reputational Search and Social Search are emerging methods that will prove useful to public relations and helping to reaching the appropriate audiences. Implementing social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. with tags about a company or idea will ensure that there are other places for people to find information other than Google.

I was actually surprised that only 90% of internet-users use search engines. I figured it would be closer to 95% and higher, just because so many times people, especially older adults, are often unsure of the exact web-address they are looking for on the first try. This is where search engines come into play. I thought it was very neat how JetBlue set up a twitter account, which seemed to greatly improve their customer relations and social networking in general. This is genius idea for an airline, especially when people love to complain and can’t seem to get through on the telephone and speak to a representative quick and easy.

It will be interesting to see what kind of search engines and methods we will be using in the next 5 or 10 years, which is not that far away, but in internet years seems like an eternity because a lot can happen in a year.  I like the promise that the internet brings, providing instant gratification and easy communication, and although it will be important for PR workers to implement social media online, it is also crucial for them to remember that the “P” in PR stands for public. Face-to-face relations and traditional conversations are why many people enter the field; because they are good communicators in a personal form.


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