Social Media: Friend or Foe?

After listening to “Social Media: Friend or Foe,” I had a new perspective on the pros and cons of social media becoming such a dominant aspect of our communication. Checking one’s Facebook wall or updating a Twitter status has become such an ordinary task as getting the newspaper. In the field of communication, obviously face-to-face communicating and in-person contact are important in establishing a good relationship between a business and clients. With so many large companies and organizations using social media outlets such as Linkedin, blogs, Facebook, and dozens of other tools for locating prospective employees, I think it is such a valuable asset to any career, especially public relations.

During the online conversation of the meeting, some of the people in opposition of using social media tools talked about how they did not like not being able to network in person. One man gave the example of how he would miss taking clients out golfing and dining them. I can definitely see how in taking clients out for activities like that will never be able to replace talking to someone via the internet.  Those who are skeptical of using social media and see it as a potential “foe” have good reasoning wanting to network the good old-fashioned ways.

Like it or not, businesses and people are going to have to adjust to the ever-changing ways that new technology is bringing to our society. I think that social media is a great development that will drastically improve the field of public relations as well as hundreds of other careers.


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