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What is Foursquare?

When I first saw the term “foursquare” being the topic for this blog, I had no idea what the word meant to the Twitter world. The last time I said it was when I was in middle school and I wanted to play it! So I had to do some investigating in order to understand what it was exactly. Even after visiting the Foursquare website, I was still confused as to what this application or service even did. I researched a little more and discovered that it is essentially a social friend-finder and adventure game that allows people to “check-in” to the application when there are at various destinations and allow people to locate them. People can write reviews and get awarded with badges and honors for visiting certain places more than other users. Companies can benefit greatly from this by having customers compete and try to visit their businesses more often and by getting their names out there through the program and free advertising. When friends talk about a good experience they had at a new local restaurant, others on Foursquare may see this and want to eat there as well. And it was via the application and not paid advertising! On the other hand, if people post bad reviews or negative information on a specific business, others will read this and be hesistant. It can be dangerous to constantly post your location because people are creepy and may be following you, and also if you are visiting places when you should be working and someone sees this at work, your boss may not be happy! I do not have a phone with applications, but I think Foursquare would be fun!



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