Dressing for the PR Job

When you go on a job interview, it is obviously important to be prepared with your best resume, attitude, and personality. In order to show the employer you are an excellent candidate for the job, you must feel confident on the inside and out. Making sure you are wearing something that is professional yet casual and makes you feel great about yourself is key to having the confidence you need. But what types of things are appropriate for a public relations job interview?

Jesse Jordan offers some interesting insight on her blog, Chique St. She says that younger generations are somewhat confused about what to wear when we see so many professionals on television wearing bright tops, high heels, and chunky jewelry on the job. Wearing all black and not having any fun with clothing isn’t the only option, though. She suggests wearing classic pieces such as a black pencil skirt, grey dress, etc. and mixing them up with belts and fun but understated accessories. Jordan makes an good point in the beginning of her article:

“Ladies. Gentlemen. You are going to a media/PR/Marketing interview. Spice it up! I’m not talking about throwing on your pink feather boa that you bought for the talent show when you were in fifth grade, I’m merely stating that elegance doesn’t have to be in black and white anymore.”

In the blog at Mediabistro, Celeste Mitchell offers advice to those specifically interviewing in the public relations and media fields. She says that what you should wear depends on what kind of company you are interviewing with and the position you are seeking. You should show a good balance of formal and uniqueness. According to Ali DeBiasi, “The bottom line is that you should look like you respect the seriousness of the meeting, and you should be prepared to have a serious conversation about your work history.” It is not essential to wear a suit, but it is a traditional appropriate option that you cannot go wrong in. Sticking to black, white, or neutral colors is best. Some public relations and media corporations may be very casual in business, but that does not mean you should wear jeans. DeBiasi says it clear and simple:

“If you were in an interview and the CEO of the corporation happened to stop by,” asks DeBiasi, “would you feel comfortable meeting her with bare legs?”

In the article, “Fashion Forward Interview Tips For You, The Brand” on Blogging 4 Jobs, over half of a first impression is determined by one’s personal appearance and the way they carry themselves. And we all know that you don’t get another chance to make a first impression! Kimberly Gomez says to avoid revealing the 6 B’s when dressing:  breasts, butts, backs, bellies, bras and briefs. This may seem obvious to some, but there are definitely those people who violate this on a daily basis. A good rule of thumb for job interview dress- If you have to question what you are wearing, don’t wear it!

Don't take personal style as far as Lady Gaga


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4 responses to “Dressing for the PR Job

  1. This is helpful. I’m really interested in going into PR in the future.

  2. Lauren, I love the part where you say it’s important to be prepared with your “best attitude and personality!” I think we get so caught up in “what to wear” that we forget about being ourselves. It’s so important to show off who you are and let your personality display while being interviewed. Sometimes we may get nervous and focus so hard on looking just right that we overlook the easiest part. Being yourself! Getting hired for a job is all about how you fit with the organization, and how will they know if you will fit if they don’t get a chance to see what you’re all about. Great point!

  3. Hi Lauren! The way you dress has a major impact on your level of confidence. When it comes to dressing for an interview, it is crucial for you to feel confident as well as comfortable. The two go hand-in-hand. As you mentioned, younger generations have the misconception of what is appropriate to wear to an interview due to the skewed reality of TV. An interview is not the time or place for you to show off your newest edition to your wardrobe, unless it happens to be a new business suit. It is important to look like a professional, because in doing so, it will help you to feel and act as a professional. Thank you for sharing the great advice! Hopefully, the younger generations will use reliable resources such as the advice you gave before going to an interview.

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