Podcasting is for everyone!

Broadcasting information to consumers is everywhere on the Internet, and it is effective because it can reach millions of people instantly and is relatively cheap if not free. But there is so much on the Internet to search for that it can be hard to stay current with a particular website or topic. One way that companies, celebrities, professors, and virtually anyone can broadcast themselves to a public for free is by creating a podcast. The word, which combines “broadcast” and “Ipod” is a term that is several years old and is growing in popularity because of its unique possiblities. Podcasts are beneficial because you can not only listen to them whenever you desire on the Apple website, but you can subscribe to certain ones on topics you enjoy and download them to your Ipod to listen whenever you please. Companies and educators alike can greatly benefit from using podcasts to deliver information to their audiences and students because it is a easy and quick way to stay connected  and doesn’t cost a penny. Like a magazine or newspaper, podcast listeners can develop loyalty to the specific broadcast and possibly help it gain followers by word-of-mouth. You do not have to have an Ipod to listen to a podcast either; all you need to do is download Itunes and you can follow and create as many podcasts as your heart desires. The possiblities are endless for podcasting topics, and everyone from average Joe to a large company executive can benefit from this great source of social media!


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