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I remember years ago when there was a show on MTV called “PoweR Girls,” which followed young women trying to make it in NYC as PR event planners. They got to attend glamorous parties in the Hamptons and even plan a party for P. Diddy. I saw this show when I was in high school and thought to myself, what a fun job! You get paid to socialize and make decisions like what kind of food to have at a party. While the girls did actually have to do work, the show focused on the drama and politics of the public relations world. I didn’t mind so much that working in event planning would entail long nights and endless phone calls and meetings, but I did not want to be part of a career that would be centered around jealousy and cat fights. Since then, there have been several other reality shows focusing on public relations.

The cast of "Kell on Earth"

I was watching the Bravo Channel last night, and caught the show “Kell on Earth,” which documents popular fashion-pr mogul Kelly Cutrone. The show focuses on her company working with different clients during fashion weeks and the drama that comes with it. Although they do show some level of reality about how tough it is to work in PR, these shows seem to highlight the drama and beauty that comes along with the job, placing it in such a glamorous light. I am not sure how my personal experience will compare to the stereotypical idea that has been created in my head by watching too much television.



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6 responses to “PR Reality Shows

  1. This a great PR connection topic… don’t be surprise if I use it as a topic in the future. (I’ll make sure to give you credit for the idea)

  2. marielorelei

    These reality shows always rub me the wrong way. They highlight drama and glamour as you said but to me they neglect to focus on reality. By the time these shows hit the air they have super edited in order to highlight the dramatic glamorous elements. These elements are highlighted because they have been shown to pull ratings and ratings are what will bring advertisers and watchers and money. I would love to see a public relations focused show on the air that acted more as a documentary, low on the edits and high on the real life as it actually happens.

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  5. smcclou3

    Reality shows are never really the reality that you experience. Glamour and drama bring rating and that mainly what investors care about. People who watch these shows don’t want to see someone sitting at the computer for 8 hours a day creating contact databases or stuffing 200 envelopes with long range calendars. That stuff isn’t necessarily the most fun stuff to do, but I can guarantee that it’s definitely not fun to watch. I’ll do the tasks, but I won’t watch someone else do it. I guess it depends on where you intern or work, as the marketing intern I don’t plan or even attend events if I don’t want to. It would be nice to see the shows participates sit down a la “Housewives of ________” and talk about what actually happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. I know that these shows really affected my perception of public relations.

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