Social Media & the Oscars

I am not afraid to admit that I am a devoted followed of E! and any entertainment channel that deals with fashion and celebrities. So of course I was going to watch the red carpet interviews before the Oscars this past sunday. The thing that I have noticed from watching various award shows the past few months is that all of them have had some sort of social media implemented into the television program. Twitter has proven to be the most popular, with many channels having a bar at the bottom of the screen showing popular Tweets from celebs and television viewers at home. This makes watching television an interactive experience that makes viewers feel like they are part of the action. People are more likely to post updates on Twitter if they know they have an opportunity to have their opinion viewed on television. Although I could have easily gone on Twitter itself to look up different celebrities tweets, it was fun and convenient to see them on E! instead. Ryan Seacrest even encouraged viewers to post their opinions on fashion do’s and dont’s on Twitter and they might be selected. This is just one example of how popular American television events are being shaped by social media.



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3 responses to “Social Media & the Oscars

  1. mattmauney

    Enjoyed the post. I do agree with what you said about the benefits of social media when dealing with entertainment news. Although I am not a devoted viewer of E!, I can see the benefits that Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites can have on the programming of E!, and especially with a big time awards show like the Oscars. It is nice to know that these technologies are available and seeing them in action. With sites like Twitter, it allows not only fans and television viewers to voice opinions about awards shows, but also gives an outlet to the nominees of the award shows themselves. This brings a special interactivity between stars and fans that help the fans feel closer to the stars and vice versa. Now, stars can tweet while their at awards shows. This brings a special and unique dimension to this interaction.

  2. As a twitter addict I totally understand how you feel. Being on twitter when a lot the people you follow are watching the same thing you are, is very interesting and makes the show and experience more entertaining.

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