Domino’s PR Strategy

I came across this video about how Domino’s had to deal with overcoming the bad press it was receiving over a dirty video posted by employees. The workers made crude, inappropriate comments about the company and tampered with the pizza on tape, which was posted on YouTube and viewed by millions. In order to try and fix this issue from causing customers to not buy their pizza, Domino’s had to implement immediate public relations strategies in order to try and repair the damage done. They responded by posting a video on YouTube with Domino’s President speaking out on the matter. An “aggressive online campaign” is being delivered to try and keep customers loyal to the store. I found it very interesting!



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3 responses to “Domino’s PR Strategy

  1. brittany rollings

    I think that with the Domino’s case it is not uncommon for some simple minded people to stir up trouble for companies by playing dirty practical jokes and then the company has to suffer for it. When I was younger there was a disgusting rumour with chick fil a. Yet, I ignore it and I still eat there today. Companies need to practice ethics and respect to each other and other companies.

  2. I remembered talking about this with my Persuasion class last Spring. We found the message from the CEO as staged. I just didn’t feel like it was him being protrayed in the video instead he was too coached by his pr team

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