Implementing Social Media into Sport Websites

Being an athlete at GSU, I access the athletic website quite a bit. Mostly so that I can find schedules and meet results, but sometimes in order to learn more about a certain athlete or coach. While there is not a huge audience that follows Georgia Southern sports or many smaller university websites, it is important that the changes in social media and technology are reflected within the websites. At my former university I went to, an athlete was chosen each week to record a podcast that would be posted on the school’s athletic website. I was chosen, and it was a neat experience to have myself recorded and know that other athletes and people would be listening to me. Podcasts, videos, and coach’s blogs are all ways that the Georgia Southern athletic site could be greatly enhanced. Athletes want to interact and see their friends and coaches online, giving them a small sense of fame. I think linking articles and results to Facebook and Twitter are simple ways for fans to stay current with information, and would not cost the school or athletic department any money in doing so. By making the website relevant and fascinating to the audience, many college sports websites would greatly increase hits and popularity.



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4 responses to “Implementing Social Media into Sport Websites

  1. marielorelei

    I think its great the Georgia Southern is getting so involved in social media. Social media tools are a great way to get free press and make the school better known to those that are unaware of its existence. I think the fact that your old school had athletes create podcasts about themselves and their team is a pretty awesome idea. It’s an innovative way to shine the spotlight on the athletes and get information to sports fans. I know Georgia Southern is trying to embrace social media as much as possible and the school now has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and iTunesU.

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  3. Interesting blog post I’m a huge fan of sports. I think its great that GSU has gotten involved with Social Media. However, I think PR is not put into all GSU sports equally. BTW I love the name of your blog

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