PROpenMic.. What is it?

When I hear the words “open mic,” I think of comedians and stand-up. I had no idea about PrOpenMic and wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to belong to because it sounds intimidating. After creating my profile, I was still lost. I had to locate “friends” or send gifts, and I was lost about what this website could do for me. I figured out that it is a social network for students, faculty, and professionals of public relations. The website is helpful because it is a meeting place for anyone just starting out or with lots of experience in PR and other areas of communication. With the opportunity to post blogs, view forums, and look for jobs and internships, PROpenMic has endless chances for networking with people across the world.  Since public relations is everywhere and constantly being implemented in the news, this website is a great place to get informed on what is going on.  I like the latest activity feature that reminded me of the newsfeed application on Facebook. It shows blog posts, videos, conversations, who became friends with who, and other things that make the website more personable. I am not sure about all the possibilities that PROpenMic has to offer, but I plan on learning more about the website so I can take full advantage of it.



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5 responses to “PROpenMic.. What is it?

  1. Very happy you’ve joined us in PROpenMic. It can be intimidating at first. So much. Where to begin.

    I’m planning on having my students create a collection of video tutorials showing the most important “how to” and “what to” do features of the site. If you have suggestions, please share.

    Thanks for signing up!

  2. marielorelei

    I think the word association that you got when you first thought of PROpenMic was great. I also thought of comedians when I thought of PROpenMic but I also thought of the fact that it’s a sort of free space to saw what you’d like to say. I’ve gone to poetry open mics and it’s basically a free platform to express yourself in whatever way you’ve created and be acknowledged for your efforts.

    The website has a lot of things to offer, not only when it comes to the late breaking news of the public relations world but also many tools that can help you with the future. There are a lot of job and internship search tools that help you after graduation. I think if you take the time to really delve into the site, you’ll find many uses for it.

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  4. jeffcarter3

    At first I didn’t know about PROpenMic nor did I have a desire to use it. After reading up on it and seeing all that it offered I realized how beneficial it could be. The various opportunities it offers are astounding. Having a site that allows you to look for jobs and internships directly related to your field is awesome. It also is a great way to network with people in your profession. Having a site that allows you to get your name out there and make connections before you even graduate is awesome. I enjoyed the post. It was a great read.

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