What I Like About PROpenMic

Since I have joined PROpenMic, I have been trying to understand and explore all the functions of the networking site. I usually just log on and tend to search around the main homepage for interesting topics or videos. Today, I came across a video that was both gross and really effective. It was a video made by Greenpeace protesting Nestle and their destruction of the rain forest.

PROpenMic is great because it is a meeting place for public relations topics of all kinds. I enjoy learning about issues that are going on with different companies and organizations, and I was able to find this video and story on site easily. I went to the Jobs/Interns link at the top of website and found tons of posts by future graduates about what they are seeking. I am not sure how many of them hear back from employers, but it is clearly an effective place to get your name out there for those who are looking for interns. Although I am interning in Statesboro through the department, I am most likely going to search for opportunities on the website. Everytime I log on to PROpenMic, I learn a little more and am pleased with what I see!


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One response to “What I Like About PROpenMic

  1. I agree. I used PROpenMic to search for career opportunities and I am very pleased with the information I have come across. The site is so easy to navigate and allows public relation students to network with each other to receive feedback from one another. I have benefited from using PROpenMic in so many ways.

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