Delicious Thoughts

I’ve known about Delicious for some time, but wasn’t jumping to create a page because that means one more project to update and visit. I reluctantly created one for this topic of the week, and found it was actually very simple and easy. I thought 20 links sites would be a lot to come up with, but I found I frequent a lot more websites than I thought. I do not have a lot of group work this semester, but Delicious would definitely be a beneficial source when working with others on a project. All you have to do is view someone’s page and you can the websites they would like to share or remember in the future. It is such a simple and smart concept that basically makes the “favorites” application viewable at any computer. I could have used Delicious in some of my public relations classes when I couldn’t meet with group members and needed to find information. Although I think this site is handy, I do not think I will use it that much except for personal use if I am really bored. I know what links I use, and do not need a separate website to remember them all the time. I like to keep things more simplified online. Social media is becoming too overwhelming in my opinion.



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8 responses to “Delicious Thoughts

  1. marielorelei

    I found the introduction to this blog post to be quite amusing. I have also know about Delicious for a while but never really felt compelled to make an account of my own. I decided to do the alternate assignment for the week because I also do not feel like having yet another social media tool that I need to keep track of. I definitely agree with you that social media is becoming a bit overwhelming. There are so many tools out there to do things that we already have a way to do. I have all my favorite websites in my head or saved as bookmarks on my computer so social media bookmarking sites are pointless in my opinion. It was really comforting to read this post and learn that I’m not the only one that thinks that way that I do, on certain subjects.

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  3. I didn’t do my TOW on Delicious so it was great reading someone elses thoughts about it!

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  5. smcclou3

    My roommate mentioned the web site Delicious once when she was in a programming or technology class. To me delicious was just another word associated with food. I wonder what the programmers reasons were for naming the site Delicious. It’s nice to know that there is a site out there for sharing web information easily with other people. There is such an array of web content that is designed to help us, but keeping up with everything does become overwhelming. And something that was designed to be a tool, something to help us, ends up becoming a time consuming burden. I also agree with you and marielorelei about knowing what my favorite sites are. The only reason I could see using Delicious besides for a group project would be to find the websites that people of similar interest visit.

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  7. jeffcarter3

    When I saw that we had the option of selecting a topic of the week, I wasn’t sure what delicious was. After reading your post it seems like it would be pretty cool. It’s pretty cool how you can now have your favorites anywhere you go. Even though I am not a person who uses the favorite option on my computer I can see where if I did this site would be an awesome tool. I agree with you that if I were to get an account I would probably not use it that much. This was a great post.

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