Widgets and Badges..What are They?

When I hear the words “widget” and “badge,” I think of some sort of funny gadget or new toy. I was aware of what a widget was by using them in my blog, however. A widget is essentially a tiny application or program that you can add to a website. It can be anything from an advertisement, poll, weather forecast, news update, or even a game. Widgets make blogs and webites more personal and interactive for viewers and are generally free and easy to add. A badge, on the other hand, is a way to make your Facebook profile and status updates viewable on your blog. It is a feature that is created through Facebook that makes it easy to display the information you want about your profile on other websites by embedding it where you’d like. So the major difference between the two is that a widget updates information or advertising that can be about virtually any topic, while a badge updates information that is personal and through a social networking website. An organization I am a part of, the Georgia Southern Swim Team, could benefit by using widgets and badges by the simple reason that they make websites functional and current. Widgets could be used to post polls and receive information from supporters of the team, or update information about current events and meet schedules. Badges could be used to display profiles of swimmers and update fans on their current statuses and whereabouts. Using widets and badges are a simple and fun way to personalize your online experience!


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