The Viral Video Phenomenon

“Ouch, Charlie! That hurts!”

At the time I wrote this post, the popular YouTube video “Charlie Bit My Finger” had over 177 million views. For a simple video posted by a mom for sheer laughs, that is probably not the popularity she expected when she uploaded the video. This video and thousands of others have been made famous on websites like “YouTube” and “Funny or Die,” where anyone can upload a video and make it viral. Whether it’s meant to be informative, serious, expressive, or just for laughs, people all over the world have become obsessed with watching others via the Internet. For me, watching videos is a cheap and free form of entertainment that I do quite often for a quick break in my day. Videos have gained so much popularity and views because of the linkability that viral videos possess. Friends often post videos to my Facebook page, and I do the same in return. Humans enjoy watching others, whether they are getting hurt trying to pull a cool skateboard trick, or impersonating their favorite celebrities. New technology has made it easy to record video, by using phones, Ipods, cameras, webcams, and other gadgets to capture moments. As long as people will continue doing stupid things and recording them, viral videos aren’t going away soon. These two are my all-time personal favorite viral videos!



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6 responses to “The Viral Video Phenomenon

  1. Brittany Maree

    That is what is so crazy about these videos. It amazes me how many people view these videos that people just post just because they want. I watched both the Charlie video and the one about the seven year old car ride, both of which I thought were funny. It would be interesting to see how to get your video as popular as some of those have been. I would really like to know how that works. When we were working on our video, we struggled with coming up with a video that could become that popular.

  2. smcclou3

    It is amazing, how many people just watch the video. Thinking about it now, all of the viral videos that I watched were because someone told me about it. Word of mouth is still the best form of publicity it seems. Do you think that viral videos really only work when the intention isn’t to go viral? People are smart and they know when they are being sold to, that is what I feel like when PR boutiques try to make a viral video to sell something. As frustrating as this concept is, PR firms making viral videos; I think it’s pretty cool that the videos are taken into consideration and included into marketing plans.

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  4. jeffcarter3

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the 7 yr old kid who stole the car. I saw him on Tosh.0 this past season. He did one on one interview with him that was hilarious. I do agree that viral videos are a great form of cheap entertainment. I frequently have friends posting links to my facebook showing me the funniest and newest videos out there. I often find myself doing the same by showing as many people that I think would enjoy it as possible. This was a great post that brought to my attention how much viral videos make my day better.

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