Tiger and PR…What Will It Do?

A week ago, I went to the Master’s Practice Round. Although I was excited to see the course and my favorite golfer Adam Scott, I was really anxious to see how the crowd would react to Tiger during his first appearance on the golf course since his cheating scandal hit. I knew that anyone who heckled him or decided to act in an inappropriate manner would immediately be removed from the premises, but there was still the chance that someone would do that. When I saw him on the 4th hole, he was smiling and appeared calm and collected. The crowd clapped and cheered, “Glad to have ya back, Tiger!” Despite all of the troubles and wrongdoings he had created over the past months, the general public, especially golf, wanted to see him succeeded. Any other person that cheated on his wife with multiple women would not receive such a warm welcoming. But why did Tiger? It is because of the image and fame that the media has associated with the golf mogul for the past decade. Considerably the most well-known and highest-paid athlete in the world, Tiger Woods is seemingly unbreakable in the eyes of many. Despite being pulled from several of his endorsements, Nike is using public relations and advertising to bring Tiger back to the top. Here is a recent commercial that was aired during the Masters:

Whether you love him or hate him, this type of commercial catches the attention and makes an impact. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how Tiger’s PR and Nike will try to repair his public image over the coming months.



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5 responses to “Tiger and PR…What Will It Do?

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  2. marielorelei

    I’ve listen this blog post as one of my topic of the week’s for the be my guest section. I added links to your blog and gave full credit to your for your authorship. Please let me know if you have any reservations about this. Thanks, Marie.

  3. Brittany Maree

    I like your post about this because I think this is a big PR issue. I had this same commercial as a PR connection. This is something that as a PR practitioner, it will be hard to sway the public’s opinion on way or another. People will always have their opinions and they will not be able to be changed much. His image was saved because of the positive image he has had in the past from the media. This commercial is good PR because it will catch viewer’s attention. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  4. smcclou3

    I agree with Brittany, this is a PR issue. I also think it breached the boundaries of good taste. Changing a person’s opinions is tough. I don’t think that this commercial changed my opinion of him. I don’t feel like he’s been absolved in the court of public opinion. I understand that they were trying to make him look like he was truly sorry, but I don’t buy it. Why not have his mother as him those questions. It wasn’t a man that hurt, it was the women closest to him that hurt, his wife, mother, and daughter. I think his PR team should have had him take a little more time away from the game, only droping bits of media in regards to how he was trying to build his family life back. Things like taking his mother to lunch or playing with his kids in the park.

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