Social networking beneficial for Long Beach businesses

I recently came across an article about how businesses and nonprofit organizations are benefitting from using social networking sites in a tough and changing economy. According to Kristopher Hanson at the Press-Telegram of Long Beach, California, local companies in the city have had recent success in using services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp. With the opportunity to use these social media sites for free advertising with cusomters, businesses everywhere are taking advantage of the Internet. It definitely is an easy way for customers to give free feedback, whether it is good or bad, for the employers to use at their disposal. Hanson puts it into clear terms:

“By posting updates, sale notices, special events and competitions on a growing network of sites, tech-savvy businesses are growing buzz and sparking interest with existing and new customers.”

The article talks about how one restaurant in Long Beach offers free appetizers and desserts for customers who can correctly answer a question each week. I think this is a brilliant and easy way to gain customer loyalty to their social media websites and provide a fun contest that will differentiate them from other restaurants in the community. Since the majority of business owners tend to be in their late 40s and up, knowing how to create blogs and use the Internet is a key skill that employers will be looking for among new graduates. According to a study in the article, sales increased 41% over a 10-week period for a company who used a Web-based campaign to improve sales. Sounds like an improvement to me!

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One response to “Social networking beneficial for Long Beach businesses

  1. Hi Lauren! It is insane how important social networking has become in today’s world. Just a few years ago MySpace and Facebook were used almost exclusively by middle and highschoolers and college students just to talk and express themselves, and now businesses thrive on them! That’s nuts. I think that the restaurant’s idea about asking a question on a social networking site and rewarding correct answers with free desserts and other coupons is such a great idea. I work at a restaurant in Savannah and my boss uses Facebook to advertise the daily lunch specials, upcoming bands, and drink specials. He also uses it to keep in touch with “regulars” and to build a bigger customer base for the restaurant. He’s been in the restaurant business for a long time and swears that Facebook is a better advertising tool than any other form he’s ever used before including TV, radio and print ads. I think that’s pretty impressive.

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