Kotex’s new advertising campaign

Television commercials about tampons and feminine issues are generally not ones I pay much attention to. Having your period is not glamorous or fun, and normally the commercials make it seem like it is something enjoyable and exciting. Which is not the case, at all. I have noticed the recent ads by Kotex, however, and I think they are genius. They are so appealing because they poke fun at the typical tampon commercials and are just straightforward.

The new campaign that Kotex launched is refreshing and different from its competitors, with a frank approach to dealing with an issue that every young female deals with. According to an article in the New York Times,

“We’re really out there and we’re trying to touch women and say we care about this conversation,” said Mr. Meurer, of Kotex.

I think the campaign and the public relations strategies that are being used to promote the product are brilliant. We live in a society where certain matters are supposed to be kept secret and presented in a happy light, but who says you are supposed to embrace your period? Real girls do not like dealing with it, so it is great to see a company taking notice that the typical ads are so unrealistic. Hopefully Kotex receives a lot of praise for their bold tactics and new commercials!



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3 responses to “Kotex’s new advertising campaign

  1. marilynpr

    I just love this advertisement and post about it! I like the other commercial too with the girl dressed in white and bluntly addressing the persuasion used in most commercials. The one you posted is funny but so true of how most commercials make “that time of the month” portrayed. No one gets excited about a new tampon, I mean come on. The public relations strategies really are brilliant thought because they relate to their target audience in a way that many other similar companies have not. Great PR and hopefully they will do more because they are hilarious!

  2. This never occurred over even more far reaching long standing methods of selling targeted lists for direct advertising


  3. We had to do the same thing for my PR writing and advertising class! I loved this assignment because I have always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine ☺. I am always amazed on all the different things that can be done on the computer with photos or images. There are so many programs available now on the Internet that you no longer need to be professional to do professional touch-ups and graphics to your own images. This specific website had many different formats. The coolest one by far in my opinion was the magazine cover. I defiantly urge everyone to play with these tools and get familiar with them not only because they are fun to use, but also because you never know what skills you have developed will set you apart from the rest and land you a job!

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