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My first career services event to attend this year, I went to the Communication Arts Career Fair on April 14th. It was a special career event that was created by several students in a PR event management classs. When I walked in, I was surprised at what a great job they did in organizing such a worthwhile career fair that was specific to communication arts. I have been to a Georgia Southern Career Fair last year, and I found it kind of pointless because although it was a great way to network, there was only a handful of businesses and people that worked in communications.

The Comm. Arts Career Fair was held in the Center for Arts & Theater, and there were about 10 different companies there, working with anything from radio, public relations, and broadcasting. I am not normally a very nervous or shy girl, but this was the first time I was going up to a stranger and giving them my resume. I think the whole concept is kind of nerve-wracking! It is scary to introduce yourself to someone and say “Hi, I’d like to work for you, here you go.” But I found that it wasn’t as big of a deal once I got to talking.

The first person I talked to Kelli Sauers, who is the Senior Event Manager for the Savannah International Trade & Conventional Center. She was extremely nice and talked about working and planning different events such as business and trade shows, weddings, and countless other types of shows. I would love to work in the Savannah area, and I think working for a center where so many different types of events take place would be very interesting and keep you on your feet. I am not quite sure if event planning is for me, but obviously the best way to find out would be through experience! I also briefly talked to Jennifer Abshire Patterson, who is the Founder of Abshire Public Relations & Marketing in Savannah. I always thought I would enjoy working for a PR firm because it is structured and would provide the opportunity to work with various clients and improving their potetial.

The two employers I talked to where the only ones who deal specifically with public relations, and I was greatly interested in what each had to offer. Some things I found were that career fairs are not as formal as I expected. It is important to remember to stay relaxed, and put your best personality forward. Don’t be shy! I think if employers see you are being genuine and have a strong interest to work for them, they will show an equal interest in you as well. There are hundreds of prospects who would like to work for a company at any given time, and you have to make yourself stand out above the rest. I am not sure where I will be working after my internship this summer, but by attending a career fair, I am one step closer to possibly landing a job. Only time will tell!


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  1. Hey Lauren. I somewhat agree with you about the expo. This is so cool I was actually on that group responsible for putting that career fair together. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience. The professionals were really nice and they all had a blast while at the fair. And I had a chance to catch up with Kelli Sauers after and I agree she is so wonderful to talk to. I actually may have a pretty good lead in her. Glad you liked the fair though hopefully our chair advisor will too.

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