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Happy 50th Birthday, Barbie!

Playing with Barbies was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger. Not only did I have dozens of normal dolls, but I also collected special-edition Barbies and had all sorts of books and other items about her. I just thought she was so awesome! Created by Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler in 1959, 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the debut of Barbie on television. Over the past decades, she has had over 100 jobs and reflected the popular trends in society. Not only has the marketing and advertising behind Barbie made her a success in America, but Barbie is a household name in almost every country in the world. She has had her ups and downs, but has been able to maintain a great tan, shiny hair, and perfect figures all these  years. She sure doesn’t look 50 to me! This video discusses the public relations campaign that was created to celebrate the famous doll by Ogilvy PR. From events, store openings, and viral videos, the strategies used to promote Barbie’s 50th birthday have been used globally to reach the many audiences that are interested in the landmark event. I think Barbie deserves a huge piece of plastic cake and a date with Ken for all her achievements!



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Kotex’s new advertising campaign

Television commercials about tampons and feminine issues are generally not ones I pay much attention to. Having your period is not glamorous or fun, and normally the commercials make it seem like it is something enjoyable and exciting. Which is not the case, at all. I have noticed the recent ads by Kotex, however, and I think they are genius. They are so appealing because they poke fun at the typical tampon commercials and are just straightforward.

The new campaign that Kotex launched is refreshing and different from its competitors, with a frank approach to dealing with an issue that every young female deals with. According to an article in the New York Times,

“We’re really out there and we’re trying to touch women and say we care about this conversation,” said Mr. Meurer, of Kotex.

I think the campaign and the public relations strategies that are being used to promote the product are brilliant. We live in a society where certain matters are supposed to be kept secret and presented in a happy light, but who says you are supposed to embrace your period? Real girls do not like dealing with it, so it is great to see a company taking notice that the typical ads are so unrealistic. Hopefully Kotex receives a lot of praise for their bold tactics and new commercials!


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Tips for Blogging & Tweeting on the Job

I recently came across this article by Andrew Worob at “PR at Sunrise” that gave some excellent tips for using social media for corporate purposes. I enjoyed reading them because they were simple and made sense!

1) Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was any social media community. If you invest and start your own blog, Twitter handle, etc. you are kidding yourself if you expect instant ROI. Be patient, give it time, and you’ll see the rewards in the long run.

2) How often should you blog/tweet? Whenever you have content that provides value to your readers. But more than anything, be consistent.

3) You don’t need to have a crisis communications meeting whenever you see a negative comment about your company. Respond to those comments with honest thoughts and never delete them from your page (if applicable). That person may not like your company, but they’ll respect you even more when they see that you didn’t  ignore their comment.

4) Gaining admirers on these networks is not rocket science. Engage with people and be transparent. That’s how you gain and maintain an audience.

5) Do not put someone in charge of your blog/Twitter handle, etc. that does not want to be there in the first place. You need someone that WANTS to be involved. Take it from me, writing a blog is hard work … but it’s a lot of fun if you enjoy it!

It will definitely help to keep these in mind when you are entering the world of public relations or any career where implementing social media is an every day duty. Best blogging wishes!

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Social networking beneficial for Long Beach businesses

I recently came across an article about how businesses and nonprofit organizations are benefitting from using social networking sites in a tough and changing economy. According to Kristopher Hanson at the Press-Telegram of Long Beach, California, local companies in the city have had recent success in using services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp. With the opportunity to use these social media sites for free advertising with cusomters, businesses everywhere are taking advantage of the Internet. It definitely is an easy way for customers to give free feedback, whether it is good or bad, for the employers to use at their disposal. Hanson puts it into clear terms:

“By posting updates, sale notices, special events and competitions on a growing network of sites, tech-savvy businesses are growing buzz and sparking interest with existing and new customers.”

The article talks about how one restaurant in Long Beach offers free appetizers and desserts for customers who can correctly answer a question each week. I think this is a brilliant and easy way to gain customer loyalty to their social media websites and provide a fun contest that will differentiate them from other restaurants in the community. Since the majority of business owners tend to be in their late 40s and up, knowing how to create blogs and use the Internet is a key skill that employers will be looking for among new graduates. According to a study in the article, sales increased 41% over a 10-week period for a company who used a Web-based campaign to improve sales. Sounds like an improvement to me!

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Tiger and PR…What Will It Do?

A week ago, I went to the Master’s Practice Round. Although I was excited to see the course and my favorite golfer Adam Scott, I was really anxious to see how the crowd would react to Tiger during his first appearance on the golf course since his cheating scandal hit. I knew that anyone who heckled him or decided to act in an inappropriate manner would immediately be removed from the premises, but there was still the chance that someone would do that. When I saw him on the 4th hole, he was smiling and appeared calm and collected. The crowd clapped and cheered, “Glad to have ya back, Tiger!” Despite all of the troubles and wrongdoings he had created over the past months, the general public, especially golf, wanted to see him succeeded. Any other person that cheated on his wife with multiple women would not receive such a warm welcoming. But why did Tiger? It is because of the image and fame that the media has associated with the golf mogul for the past decade. Considerably the most well-known and highest-paid athlete in the world, Tiger Woods is seemingly unbreakable in the eyes of many. Despite being pulled from several of his endorsements, Nike is using public relations and advertising to bring Tiger back to the top. Here is a recent commercial that was aired during the Masters:

Whether you love him or hate him, this type of commercial catches the attention and makes an impact. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how Tiger’s PR and Nike will try to repair his public image over the coming months.


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Domino’s PR Strategy

I came across this video about how Domino’s had to deal with overcoming the bad press it was receiving over a dirty video posted by employees. The workers made crude, inappropriate comments about the company and tampered with the pizza on tape, which was posted on YouTube and viewed by millions. In order to try and fix this issue from causing customers to not buy their pizza, Domino’s had to implement immediate public relations strategies in order to try and repair the damage done. They responded by posting a video on YouTube with Domino’s President speaking out on the matter. An “aggressive online campaign” is being delivered to try and keep customers loyal to the store. I found it very interesting!


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Implementing Social Media into Sport Websites

Being an athlete at GSU, I access the athletic website quite a bit. Mostly so that I can find schedules and meet results, but sometimes in order to learn more about a certain athlete or coach. While there is not a huge audience that follows Georgia Southern sports or many smaller university websites, it is important that the changes in social media and technology are reflected within the websites. At my former university I went to, an athlete was chosen each week to record a podcast that would be posted on the school’s athletic website. I was chosen, and it was a neat experience to have myself recorded and know that other athletes and people would be listening to me. Podcasts, videos, and coach’s blogs are all ways that the Georgia Southern athletic site could be greatly enhanced. Athletes want to interact and see their friends and coaches online, giving them a small sense of fame. I think linking articles and results to Facebook and Twitter are simple ways for fans to stay current with information, and would not cost the school or athletic department any money in doing so. By making the website relevant and fascinating to the audience, many college sports websites would greatly increase hits and popularity.


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