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Be my guest…again!

The following post is by Makenzie Stratton, a fellow blogger in PRCA 3030. I write a post on the topic of PR reality shows, and found her article to be much more interesting! She talks about the show “Kell on Earth” and the effects it could have on the PR world. I loved reading it!

“Is Kell on Earth, bad news for the PR world?”

Bravo’s new show Kell on Earth, shows Public Relations practitioner, Kelly C in the world of fashion public relations. Kelly Cutrone is president and co-owner of People’s Revolution. People’s Revolution is a popular PR company to the world of television as it was seen in MTV’s reality shows “The Hills,” and “The City,” as both Lauren Conrad, and Whitney Port worked for Cutrone’s in the company.

Kelly Cutrone is a high power,  and tough PR executive, who is determined to get the job done, and to please her clients. The show has only aired a few episodes but I am interested to see how the show will continue to portray the field of Public Relations. Many movies nd television shows in the past have shown PR professionals are unethical professionals that lie and twist the truth in order to boost their client’s image.

My hopes for this show is that Kell on Earth will how that the world of Public Relations is not all fun and games. Public Relations majors take several classes on theories, and ethical researching. I take pride in knowing that as a future Public Relations professional I will serve both my client and the public ethically, and practice correctly. This show has shown the Public Relations is not just limited to party planning, and fabulous lunches with clients. Public Relations involving managing tough situations, holding your composure in a crisis, have strong connects with the press, and ensuring things run smoothly.

I hope Kell on Earth will prove to people who watch the show that Public Relations is hard work, and that it is not all fun and games. Where I worry about what the show may do to damage the field of PR I think with shows like this is can also gain awareness and understanding of what the field is as well. I will continue to watch the show and see what types of PR Kelly Cutrone and her company uses, and hopefully gain some knowledge that I can use for myself.



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Be my guest..

Below is an article by a fellow blogger in PRCA 3030, Marie Walker. I really enjoy reading her blog because she has such a frank writing style and approach to blogging. This post was about the Etrade commercial that ran during the Superbowl. It is an interesting and fun article that I hope you will enjoy too!


The E-Trade ad that premiered during the Super Bowl, shown  here, is now the new source of controversy in the great state of California.  Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against E-Trade claiming that the company has improperly invoked her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality” without permission, thus violating her right of privacy.  The complaint, courtesy of TMZ, seems quite unfounded.

I honestly don’t see any likeness being duplicated between the E-trade baby and Lohan.  The baby only had one line to say which was “milk a what?” which does not characterize nor mimic Lohan’s personality in any way, shape, or form.

“Lohan is suing for $50 million in compensatory damages and an additional $50 million in exemplary damages. She also demanded that E*Trade stop running the ad.” (News Briefs)

“They used the name Lindsay,” said Stefanie Ovadia, Lohan’s lawyer. “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.” (NY Post)

“Lindsay” was in 2008 the 380th most popular name for newborn American girls, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. That was down from 241th in 2004, when Lohan’s popular film “Mean Girls” was released. (Reuters)

I think this is another sad attempt by Lohan and her handlers to gain publicity for the fallen starlet.  Lohan, who has yet to produce any reputable work since 2004, has a career that is in serious need of resuscitation.  She would be better served if her publicist took her out of the spotlight, cleaned her up, and sent her back out with some new found talent in tow.  This seems like a new low for the star.  I don’t know of anyone who thought of her when this ad was released, myself included.

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The Viral Video Phenomenon

“Ouch, Charlie! That hurts!”

At the time I wrote this post, the popular YouTube video “Charlie Bit My Finger” had over 177 million views. For a simple video posted by a mom for sheer laughs, that is probably not the popularity she expected when she uploaded the video. This video and thousands of others have been made famous on websites like “YouTube” and “Funny or Die,” where anyone can upload a video and make it viral. Whether it’s meant to be informative, serious, expressive, or just for laughs, people all over the world have become obsessed with watching others via the Internet. For me, watching videos is a cheap and free form of entertainment that I do quite often for a quick break in my day. Videos have gained so much popularity and views because of the linkability that viral videos possess. Friends often post videos to my Facebook page, and I do the same in return. Humans enjoy watching others, whether they are getting hurt trying to pull a cool skateboard trick, or impersonating their favorite celebrities. New technology has made it easy to record video, by using phones, Ipods, cameras, webcams, and other gadgets to capture moments. As long as people will continue doing stupid things and recording them, viral videos aren’t going away soon. These two are my all-time personal favorite viral videos!


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Widgets and Badges..What are They?

When I hear the words “widget” and “badge,” I think of some sort of funny gadget or new toy. I was aware of what a widget was by using them in my blog, however. A widget is essentially a tiny application or program that you can add to a website. It can be anything from an advertisement, poll, weather forecast, news update, or even a game. Widgets make blogs and webites more personal and interactive for viewers and are generally free and easy to add. A badge, on the other hand, is a way to make your Facebook profile and status updates viewable on your blog. It is a feature that is created through Facebook that makes it easy to display the information you want about your profile on other websites by embedding it where you’d like. So the major difference between the two is that a widget updates information or advertising that can be about virtually any topic, while a badge updates information that is personal and through a social networking website. An organization I am a part of, the Georgia Southern Swim Team, could benefit by using widgets and badges by the simple reason that they make websites functional and current. Widgets could be used to post polls and receive information from supporters of the team, or update information about current events and meet schedules. Badges could be used to display profiles of swimmers and update fans on their current statuses and whereabouts. Using widets and badges are a simple and fun way to personalize your online experience!

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Delicious Thoughts

I’ve known about Delicious for some time, but wasn’t jumping to create a page because that means one more project to update and visit. I reluctantly created one for this topic of the week, and found it was actually very simple and easy. I thought 20 links sites would be a lot to come up with, but I found I frequent a lot more websites than I thought. I do not have a lot of group work this semester, but Delicious would definitely be a beneficial source when working with others on a project. All you have to do is view someone’s page and you can the websites they would like to share or remember in the future. It is such a simple and smart concept that basically makes the “favorites” application viewable at any computer. I could have used Delicious in some of my public relations classes when I couldn’t meet with group members and needed to find information. Although I think this site is handy, I do not think I will use it that much except for personal use if I am really bored. I know what links I use, and do not need a separate website to remember them all the time. I like to keep things more simplified online. Social media is becoming too overwhelming in my opinion.


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What I Like About PROpenMic

Since I have joined PROpenMic, I have been trying to understand and explore all the functions of the networking site. I usually just log on and tend to search around the main homepage for interesting topics or videos. Today, I came across a video that was both gross and really effective. It was a video made by Greenpeace protesting Nestle and their destruction of the rain forest.

PROpenMic is great because it is a meeting place for public relations topics of all kinds. I enjoy learning about issues that are going on with different companies and organizations, and I was able to find this video and story on site easily. I went to the Jobs/Interns link at the top of website and found tons of posts by future graduates about what they are seeking. I am not sure how many of them hear back from employers, but it is clearly an effective place to get your name out there for those who are looking for interns. Although I am interning in Statesboro through the department, I am most likely going to search for opportunities on the website. Everytime I log on to PROpenMic, I learn a little more and am pleased with what I see!

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PROpenMic.. What is it?

When I hear the words “open mic,” I think of comedians and stand-up. I had no idea about PrOpenMic and wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to belong to because it sounds intimidating. After creating my profile, I was still lost. I had to locate “friends” or send gifts, and I was lost about what this website could do for me. I figured out that it is a social network for students, faculty, and professionals of public relations. The website is helpful because it is a meeting place for anyone just starting out or with lots of experience in PR and other areas of communication. With the opportunity to post blogs, view forums, and look for jobs and internships, PROpenMic has endless chances for networking with people across the world.  Since public relations is everywhere and constantly being implemented in the news, this website is a great place to get informed on what is going on.  I like the latest activity feature that reminded me of the newsfeed application on Facebook. It shows blog posts, videos, conversations, who became friends with who, and other things that make the website more personable. I am not sure about all the possibilities that PROpenMic has to offer, but I plan on learning more about the website so I can take full advantage of it.


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