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Tips for Blogging & Tweeting on the Job

I recently came across this article by Andrew Worob at “PR at Sunrise” that gave some excellent tips for using social media for corporate purposes. I enjoyed reading them because they were simple and made sense!

1) Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was any social media community. If you invest and start your own blog, Twitter handle, etc. you are kidding yourself if you expect instant ROI. Be patient, give it time, and you’ll see the rewards in the long run.

2) How often should you blog/tweet? Whenever you have content that provides value to your readers. But more than anything, be consistent.

3) You don’t need to have a crisis communications meeting whenever you see a negative comment about your company. Respond to those comments with honest thoughts and never delete them from your page (if applicable). That person may not like your company, but they’ll respect you even more when they see that you didn’t  ignore their comment.

4) Gaining admirers on these networks is not rocket science. Engage with people and be transparent. That’s how you gain and maintain an audience.

5) Do not put someone in charge of your blog/Twitter handle, etc. that does not want to be there in the first place. You need someone that WANTS to be involved. Take it from me, writing a blog is hard work … but it’s a lot of fun if you enjoy it!

It will definitely help to keep these in mind when you are entering the world of public relations or any career where implementing social media is an every day duty. Best blogging wishes!

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My Blog Comments- 3711

#1. “Portfolios for Public Relations Students” by Barbara Nixon

(2/24/10) I think that the portfolio is a creative and essential piece for public relations students to have because sometimes the work we have done is not represented the best on a resume. I do not have a lot of information that I could put in my portfolio because I currently haven’t done an internship and campaigns is the only class I have completed where I have organized any sort of PR event. I do think including social media pieces can be tricky, but it will be very useful to include blogs and other facets that can showcase one’s writing and online skills. This post was helpful and got me thinking about what I need to do to be better prepared!

#2. “Informational Interview Recap” by Marie Lorelei

(4/13/10) I enjoyed reading your interview because it was simple and easy to follow. you got straight to the point, and Marla’s comments were interesting and helpful. I liked her 3 tips, especially “learn to manage difficult people,” because this is obviously a skill anyone in the job field needs to work on. Although I am aware that public relations and communications deals a lot with writing, it scared me that she said to “learn it, live it, and love it.” I don’t love it! And like you, I am not sure that I necessarily want to work in public relations when I graduate in May. It seems like you have great writing skills and style and I think you will do well in whatever you decide to pursue! Good luck in the future!

#3. “Trade Book Review- Naked Conversations” by Marie Lorelei

(4/13/10) I also read Naked Conversations for my Trade Book Review. Although I did learn some facts about how to get the most out of my blog and how to be successful in the corporate world when it comes to blogging and customer relationships, I didn’t think it was something I would recommend to a friend either. Blogging does take a lot of time and work, and I personally would not have a blog currently if it wasn’t required by my online classes. I think they are a great way to get involved online and meet others in the public relations field, but I would rather meet people in person and form relationships that way, not online. I know social media is becoming incredibly huge, but I am not the most computer-savvy person. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the book was boring!

#4.  “Social Media is a Double-Edged Sword” by Allison Allmond

(4/13/10) I totally agree that social media has its’ pros and cons. Although I enjoy emailing and getting on Facebook, I am not a huge computer person. I would much rather talk and interact in person, rather than through a screen. Since social networking and using programs such as LinkedIn and Twitter have become popular for companies to use, it is obviously important for students to get their names out there for any opportunity they can receive. It is definitely a double-edged sword in my eyes. It obviously is going to be smarter to be able to reach thousands of people online by social networking, than only dozens by networking yourself the old-fashioned way. Hopefully the social media tips we have received can help us in the future!

#5. “In Vogue at the Interview” by Allison Allmond

(4/13/10) This article was soo creative. I loved that your way of looking at dressing for an interview as being “in vogue” and up to current trends. We are in public relations, and it is important to show our creative sides. I especially loved your quote from Larry Platt about the “pants on the ground.” Hilarious!! He is so funny. I think “spicing it up” with something bright and interesting can be a great conversation starter and a good way to make yourself remembered after an interview. I tend to wear mostly neutrals, especially black and white, and will keep in mind your tips when I shop for more business-appropriate clothes in the near future. Boring attire is for boring people, and if you are in communications, you are most likely pretty outgoing!

#6. “Internships” by Stephanie Medlin

(4/13/10) I think it is so hard for graduates in this economy. As a student athlete, I didn’t have the time to work or receive any internship experience until this summer. I wish that my internship could be paid, but I know that this is not the best time for companies and the work force in general. My brother recently got accepted into the Disney Program for the end of his freshmen year of college. Although he will get paid a little each month, that is still better than me! Internships are crucial to gaining on-hand experience and networking with potential employers, and I am grateful to have gotten offered one, even if it means I may have to look for a job on the side to make some extra cash. Hopefully you will have good luck with your career in the future!

#7. “Body Language and Non Verbal Communication” by Stephanie Medlin

(4/13/10) Your post definitely made me recognize the fact that I use nonverbals all the time and don’t even notice it! I am extremely expressive with my face, and roll my eyes entirely too much. I often don’t even realize it until someone comments on it. I think it is so unattractive and is a bad habit that I need to fix, especially once I start going on interviews soon. On the other hand, I think I can use my knowledge of nonverbals to help me on an interview or working with people. I am pretty good at guessing people’s personalities, and working in public relations, it is important to be good with people. When I am on Skype, I definitely notice how funny my nonverbals are! Do I really look like that? Videotaping yourself is definitely a good tool for practicing good habits.

#8. “Top 10 Things I Learned” by Kacie Whigham

(4/13/10) Your slide show for practicum was really interesting! I especially liked how you included etiquette and keeping your car clean as things you learned. Those are things I didn’t really consider but are obviously important when entering any career. Your appearance and attitude definitely make a big difference. Catering your resume to the job you are applying for is something I learned also. Making it seem that you are focused on working for a specific employer can emphasize to them how interested you are. I did not create a portfolio yet because I do not have a lot of work to show, but it is a great way to show employers what you can do for them. Employers are often unsure what public relations students specialize in, so showing them the work and skills you have will help them out.

#9. “Ben Roethlisberger..” by Victoria Greene

(4/13/10) You came up with some great ways to help Ben! Definitely staying away from college students and alcohol in general when you are a professional football player is a good first step. Putting yourself in situations where there can be potential trouble is not a good idea for anyone in the limelight. He went to college in Ohio where a lot of my friends go, and I have followed him for some years. I am not sure if he is guilty of what happened, but I heard on the radio a few days ago that the charges were dropped. What is it lately with guys and their sexual issues?!? Jesse James and Tiger both need some good PR behind them if they want to bring their careers and images back to normal.

#10. “Tips for Creating an Effective Coverletter” by Phillip Edwards

(4/15/10) I like how you make a point of requesting an interview or follow-up call. My roommate recently called a company that she had interviewed with to follow up with them and see where they stood with her, and I didn’t think this was something you were supposed to do. I guess she was right! Letting a company know you are interested and going out of your way to talk to them shows determination. You make a great point that you need to be active, not passive. I have sort of had an attitude that things will happen for me, but I know now that they will not fall in my lap.

#11. “Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media for Jobseekers” by Phillip Edwards

(4/15/10) I can’t believe that there are 500,000 new members on social media each day! I know there are billions of people in the world, but that is such a crazy statistic to me. It is obviously where society is headed, and it is important for people in communications and public relations to implement this tool into their practices. I do agree that social media can have complicated features. It is almost the end of the semester, and I still have trouble figuring out how to format my blog sometimes! I also think it is a con that verbal skills can’t be shown, unless it is through a podcast or webcast.

#12. “Social Media: A Jobseeker’s Dream-Come-True or Worst Nightmare?” by Candice Hall

(4/15/10) Searching for someone’s name instead of a specific company is definitely a benefit of social media. I know more people than I do businesses, and hopefully this will help me get a job in the future. It is all about who you know, not necessarily what you know. I have found this true in so many cases in life. It is also important to be private in what you post online! You are so right. I have found that my habits on Facebook and Twitter have changed over the past few years because I do not necessarily post anything that I wouldn’t want an employer to see.

#13. “Redefining the ‘Kodak Moment‘” by Candice Hall

(4/15/10) You made a great point that Kodak used the Diffusion Theory in implementing the new digital aspect of photography into their brand. It is obviously a huge change in the market, and it was important for Kodak to show their customers the importance of adapting to the new products. I used to take photography and develop my own photos, and it took me some time before I got a digital camera. It was a lot to do with my family and friends and also to do with the marketing surrounding the products I saw on television. I think Kodak has changed its’ name for the best.

#14. “Hula and Interning..A Lot More in Common Than You Would Expect” by Shannon McCloud

(4/15/10) I am so jealous that you got to spend time in Hawaii! It sounds like you had a great time and learned many different things that will help you in your career. I really liked the hula proverbs you learned, especially “E nana, e ho’olohe. E pa’a ka waha, e hana ka lima.” It is neat that the same basic rules and philosophies we follow are apparent in other cultures as well. I am from Ohio, and I think of Georgia as a sort of paradise compared to where I used to live! I think it is gorgeous in Statesboro because there is green all year round and sunshine as well! It is interesting living in different places and learning what others have to say about them.

#15. “Maybe it Runs in the Family..” by Allison Allmond

I really enjoyed this article! I love Paula Deen and I have ate at her restaurant and Uncle Bubba’s multiple times. I had no idea that there was an actual position for event coordinating! I would love to do that. I think it is interesting how so many people work in jobs that were not necessarily their major in college. I am not sure if i will work directly in public relations, but event planning or sports marketing are definitely things I am interested in. It seems like your cousin really likes her job and has enjoyed much success. Best of luck to her and to you!

#16. “What to Wear to a PR Job Interview” by Phillip Edwards

(4/15/10) I also think it is quite funny to picture a woman will an old-fashioned briefcase. These days, so many guys as well as girls carry a messenger bag or something leather that is professional. I do not understand how people down south wear long sleeves and pants in the summertime! I am from Ohio, and I find it very hard to wear pants and jeans to work in the summer. It is so humid down here, and I find it crazy that southerners are able to wear pants. Obviously they have to because it is professional haha.

#17. “Interships” by Kristin Bixby

(4/15/10) I am in the same boat in that I have only had experience in public relations because of the classes that I have taken. I am a student-athlete, and I have not have the time to complete an internship until this summer after I graduate in May. I think it is hard for students these days to intern during school because they are involved in other activities and work jobs to pay for school. While gaining experience is crucial, I think companies and employers are much more understanding because they know the economy is bad and students have to do what they can to get by.

#18. “Informational Interview Recap” by Kristin Bixby

(4/15/10) I think it is funny that Allie described working in PR as nothing like Samantha from Sex & the City! When people ask me what public relations is, sometimes I say “oh, it is what Samantha on SATC did.” Which is obviously a silly comment because she was usually with men instead. But I definitely held a sort of stereotype that PR was all glitz and glamour before I took classes in it. It will be interesting to see how much I implement Twitter and Facebook if I decide to pursue a career in event planning or PR when I graduate. I think the profession does not get enough credit for the hard work and planning that is required!

#19. “Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media for Jobseekers” by Kristin Bixby

(4/15/10) It is a great point that social media helps you stand out among your competitors. None of my close friends are in communications or public relations, and they are not aware of what Twitter or LinkedIn is, let alone how to run a blog. While I may complain about my online classes quite a bit, it is obviously a skill that will differentiate me from others. I try to tell my friends to start building some sort of skill with social networking sites, but it is more of a communications and public relations skill, at least for now. Until then, I will keep blogging and hope that my skills can get me a job in the near future!

#20. “Styrofoam and Social Media” by Shannon McCloud

(4/15/10) I consider myself relatively old-school when it comes to social media as well! While I have an Ipod and a cell phone, that is about as technical as I get. I would much rather be outside playing than working on the computer. I do not mind getting online from time to time, but I am pretty outgoing and talk way too much. I can not channel this easily through writing. It seems that social media is here to stay so I am going to have to suck it up and join everyone else. I find that it can be complicated, and that is one of the main reasons I do not want to use it. Oh well!

#21. “Career Fair” by Jacqueline Henry

(4/15/10) I attended a smaller career fair yesterday, and it was also my first one. I am not very shy, but I am somewhat nervous when I entered. It is kind of awkward just going up to someone and introducing yourself because you want to work for them. I think it is hard for anyone to do that, even if you are in communications. I did think the Communication Arts Career Fair had a lot more to offer for PR than a normal Career Fair at Georgia Southern would. I imagine not many PR companies would attend that because there are not that many students in PR. I am not sure if I will make any important connections in a Career Fair, but it can’t hurt to try.

#22. “Body language and Non Verbal Communication” by Jacqueline Henry

(4/15/10) It was really interesting to see all of the different actions that we do everyday and what they portray to others. I roll my eyes a lot, but I do not intend for that to be seen as rude and snobby. It is a habit I will need to fix when going on job interviews. I do tilt my head to the side all the time, and this may sound corny, but it definitely is because I am listening to what people have to say. I rub my hands a lot also, but I had no idea this means you are anticipating something. It really is interesting that the little things we do can have such a big impact on how others see us. Hopefully I can be on my best behavior when I need to be.

#23. “Twitter vs. DVR” by Kacie Whigham

(4/15/10) I had no idea that people could use Twitter and DVRs simultaneously. I love going home and watching shows on my DVR, but I never thought of the possibility of “watching” the show with others via the Internet. I would be upset if I also found something out that I didn’t want to know because someone posted it on Twitter before I got to watch a show. I think it is a creative idea, but I would much rather stick to one or the other. When I am bored, I tend to follow people on Twitter. When I watch my shows, I do just that!

#24. “My Interview with a True P.R. Pro” by Meghan Callahan

(4/15/10) That is very neat that you got to interview someone who definitely knows their stuff when it comes to public relations. I have heard of Edelman before and am so jealous that he gets to work for them in San Francisco, because that is one of my favorite cities to visit! It scares me that he says to stay up on media every day, because to be honest, I am not a fan of checking my email and blog all of the time! I think it is great that he said personality and experience make you stand out to a potential employer. Hopefully I can use those to help land a job with a PR firm soon.

#25.  “Cover Letter Tips” by Jeff Carter

(4/15/10) I agree that having a great cover letter is like putting your best foot forward for a company to see. While I used WinWay resume to create my cover letter, there are definitely some great resources online that can help you create one catered to your specific needs. I have found that I tend to use the same format for my cover letter when sending out my resume, but I tweek parts of it so that it fits the job description of what I am applying for. Cover letters. along with resumes, are always changing, and it is important to add important changes and experience to them as you change.

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Widgets and Badges..What are They?

When I hear the words “widget” and “badge,” I think of some sort of funny gadget or new toy. I was aware of what a widget was by using them in my blog, however. A widget is essentially a tiny application or program that you can add to a website. It can be anything from an advertisement, poll, weather forecast, news update, or even a game. Widgets make blogs and webites more personal and interactive for viewers and are generally free and easy to add. A badge, on the other hand, is a way to make your Facebook profile and status updates viewable on your blog. It is a feature that is created through Facebook that makes it easy to display the information you want about your profile on other websites by embedding it where you’d like. So the major difference between the two is that a widget updates information or advertising that can be about virtually any topic, while a badge updates information that is personal and through a social networking website. An organization I am a part of, the Georgia Southern Swim Team, could benefit by using widgets and badges by the simple reason that they make websites functional and current. Widgets could be used to post polls and receive information from supporters of the team, or update information about current events and meet schedules. Badges could be used to display profiles of swimmers and update fans on their current statuses and whereabouts. Using widets and badges are a simple and fun way to personalize your online experience!

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My Blog Comments- 3030

#1. “Social Media: Is It A Job Seekers Best Friend?” by Jeff Carter

(3/3/10) This was an excellent post that showed how important it is for graduates and job-seekers to be aware of the pros and cons of social media. I use Twitter, Facebook, and have my blog that is strictly for class, but I have recently gone through my Facebook and Twitter settings and made sure nothing inappropriate or silly is on them. The thing about the Internet is that is holds things forever, and it is virtually impossible to erase your mistakes! So employees need to make sure they are making wise decisions about what information they are sharing to the world! Social media seems to have more positives than negatives and this blog was clear in pointing them out! Thanks Jeff.

#2. “Cover Letter Tips for the Public Relations Majors” by Meghan Callahan

(3/3/10) I really liked the term “netiquette.” I have never heard it before and it is a good way to describe the kind of web manners you should have when connecting with potential employers. It made me think about how I need to be very prepared when I go on a job interview. I never really thought too much about researching the company and knowing its complete history and facts about it. This is obviously an important thing to do because you want them to know that you are ready to be an active part of their team. I never knew there was so much pressure on creating the perfect cover letter, but it is obviously a big part of the resume.

#3. “Dress for Success: What to Wear to a Media/PR/Marketing Interview” by Jesse Jordan

(3/3/10)  Thanks for writing such an insightful piece about what to wear to a job interview specific to public relations and marketing! I am not the type of girl who likes to wear suits and boring patterns, and it is reassuring that you say it is important that we show our personal style when we go on an interview. Obviously depending on what kind of public relations position you are holding and where you are working may depend on how you dress down the line, but your tips for how to present yourself in general were simple and effective. I am actually moving to Charleston in August, and wondered how you can dress comfortable but professional in the hot summer? I am so used to wearing shorts and flip-flops and dressing for the beach, but I know those will not do! I really enjoy your blog, it is refreshing and fun to read!

#4. “ChatRoulette: Keep your clothes on and lock up the children. This social media site is nasty.” by Coney Media

(3/3/10) I was somewhat confused as to what Chat Roulette was until I read this article, but now I understand why it is making headlines. Despite it being rough around the edges, I think it is an extremely interesting site that is going to engage only more users as time goes on. People are always going to abuse the Internet and want to do risque things, and parents need to watch their kids and monitor the sites they are visiting if they are concerned about online predators. I want to visit the site but I am hesitant that I will end up seeing something I do not want to see! On the other hand, all I would have to do is click out of the box. I think Chat Roulette wasn’t intended for the way it is getting a bad reputation, but if used with good intentions, it is a cool way to meet people from all over the world in a random way.

#5. “What to Wear to an Interview” by Micaela Starr Carter

(3/9/10) I thought you did a really job of pointing out important tips for dressing appropriate. I never thought of dressing for an interview as one of the most important occasions other than your wedding dress! But this is a good point. It is crucial to cover up any piercings or tattoos because this could be sending the wrong message to the interviewer. I recently took some of my earrings out of my ears that could be considered weird or inappropriate because I know they are not professional and I will be interviewing before I know it. I think having good hygiene is just as crucial as dressing nicely. If people have gross fingernails or dry skin, that is so noticeable and gross to me. I would never want to go to an interview not feeling and looking my best. Also, good point in making sure your underwear doesn’t hang out! Because it  happens more than you think.

#6. “Meh or Shmay, 2010 is Just Another Year” by Jeremy Popper

(3/9/10) Reading this post was extremely refreshing. I am required to read other public relations blogs for my online classes, and I get tired of reading about everything positive and happy all the time, when I guarantee that is not always the case, especially for a field where dealing with problems and fixing issues is the main job. One of my online classes deals specifically with social media and the ways it is changing public relations, and I love that you do not think it is necessarily going to “change the world.” I cannot agree more. While it is an excellent tool for companies to use in creating easy relationships with customers, it does have its faults and is not as great as it’s played up to be. People can talk all they want about change and making a positive contribution to the world of pubic relations and communications, but I have not been that impressed with anything that I have learned about. Until something absolutely amazing comes along and causes people everywhere to live easier, then I will be convinced. Until then, I will enjoy honest and down-to-earth blogs like yours.

#7. “Internship Advice” by Micaela Carter

(3/29/10) There was really good advice in this post. I am starting to intern in May also and cannot believe I have made it this far. It will be interesting to see what kind of doors might be opened up depending on where I intern, who I meet, and what I can accomplish. Networking is extremely important as you pointed out, and hopefully I can get some sort of job through the people I know. I am anxious to find out what I will be doing during my internship, whether it will be some sort of writing, creating brochures, implementing social media, or getting coffee. I think either way, it is going to be great to finally apply some of the skills we have learned in college in a professional setting. Good tip about keeping a professional souvenir. It never hurts to add to your portfolio, even if it is something small. Timeliness is extremely important when it comes to work, and that will be something I have to work on! Good luck with your internship and career!

#8. “Foursquare” by Brittany Cook

(3/29/10) I liked that you said Foursquare is Google mixed with Facebook and Twitter, that is a really good point. I don’t have Internet on my phone, but if I did, I wouldn’t join Foursquare. I don’t know anyone that uses it and if I really wanted someone to know where I was and what I was doing, I would make it a point to let them know personally. I think it is a good tool for businesses and local community places to gain popularity through word-of-mouth, but I think the application is just another silly social media fad that is not necessary. It is a simple form of free advertising for companies and I can see why they would want to use it. I am still kind of confused about what you do on Foursquare but I will never use it so oh well.

#9. “Nestle’s Bittersweet Social Media Recipe Cooks Up Bad PR” by Jules Zunich

(3/29/10) I enjoyed reading your post after I recently saw the Anti-Nestle video online a few days ago. I didn’t think it was that disturbing,but it obviously created a lot of buzz. I had no idea what Nestle had to do with the rainforest, but now I understand why the Greenpeace organization was upset. I only associate Nestle with candy and happy thoughts! (I love dark chocolate raisinets, too!) It really is interesting to see public relations in action, especially through all of the forms of social media that have been created over the past years. I am still in school, and I liked the four R’s of crisis management. That is a great and basic tool for remembering how to solve a problem! I also enjoyed your style of writing. It was catchy and made me laugh! Thanks

#10. “What makes a video a viral video” by Marie Lorelei

(4/12/10) The LEGS acronym you mentioned was so true! I didn’t know so many factors went into making a video “viral.” The other factors that can make a video popular and interesting were definitely appropriate. There are millions of random videos out there on the Internet, and if you want yours to be viewed by millions of people, you need to think of a way to make it appealing. I don’t know how many times I have watched stupid videos on YouTube because they make me laugh and are just so ridiculous. I often end up watching more videos because they suggest other videos related to the one you just watched. Thanks for mentioning some great tips on how to make your video stand out. I don’t record videos but definitely will keep them in mind if I ever decide to put something funny on the Internet!

#11. “Toyota is Looking Up!” by Makenzie Stratton

(4/12/10) You made some excellent points about how Toyota is attempting to repair their image after the all of the recalls. It is obviously crucial for them to act fast and appropriate in the wake of the recent crisis. Toyota is such a big name in cars, and it surprises me that they have actually had an increase in sales during the past month. They must have some excellent PR or some extremely loyal customers! Either way, it seems the public relations tactics that they are using are having a positive impact on their brand. Having a crisis or problem is inevitable with any company, so it is important to have a good backup plan ready. It seems the Toyota PR had ideas ready and used them in a good way.

#12. “Foursquare: A New Way to Track Waldo” by Jeff Carter

(4/13/10) I liked how you compared using Foursquare to tracking Waldo. So true. I do not think I would ever use Foursquare because first of all, I do not have a phone with Internet. I also do not necessarily want anyone knowing where I am at all times, even my family and friends. If they need to know, I will tell them! In my opinion, social media programs such as Foursquare are silly and unnecessary. For me, using Facebook and Twitter is plenty. I can see how it can benefit businesses and be fun to sort of play a game, but it is a waste of time to me. I barely have enough time to write in my blog, let alone try to be the mayor or some fake city!

#13. “Trade Book Review” by Jessica Cameron

(4/13/10) I wish I would have read the book you did for your trade book review because I like the title! I think putting the social aspect back into public relations is so important. I would much rather connect on a personal level, and I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so. I didn’t know about the difference between social science and social media. I think it is important to study social science in order to better understand the ways people communicate in our society. I think social media is a growing and interesting tool that public relations professionals and everyone in the work force can use for their benefit, but I really think PR should focus on relating in person. It is hard to tell if someone will be as outgoing in person as they are in their blog.

#14. “Social Media and Wedding Planning?” by Kacie Whigham

(4/13/10) I also had no idea that social media could be such a large component of planning a wedding! Nowadays, it seems that everything can be done online. Using the Internet to contact people and make decisions is obviously a fast and easy way to make plans. By sharing registries, getting in touch with friends and family, and organizing showers and parties, using social media is a free and easy method. I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but I am sure I will implement social media into my wedding in one form or another! Best of luck to you in planning everything in the future.

#15. “Cable, really? That’s so last millennium” by Marie Lorelei

(4/15/10) It doesn’t surprise me at all that television is going viral. I watch and enjoy hulu also, but sometimes I can’t find the episodes I want and don’t like waiting for the commercials. Nonetheless, it is still a great site that I visit frequently. However, I would much watch my favorite television shows the old-fashioned way, on TV. I am very indecisive about what I want to watch, and I would much rather have the networks chose what is on when I have my free time. I know this sounds weird, but it’s just how I feel. I am not into new-technology and do not plan on buying an Iphone or using anything other than my TV to watch shows. It is definitely exciting to see how cable is changing. If I happen to miss a show, I simply DVR it. Recording makes it easy and I can watch them at ease when I want also.

#16. “Social Media Resume?” by Makenzie Stratton

(4/15/10) I agree that adding a “social media contact” section to a resume is a smart idea. I wasn’t sure if I would be using my blogging skills of knowledge of Facebook and Twitter anytime soon, but recently I got an internship. The first thing that I am going to do for the company is make a Facebook group and update social media for them. I felt relieved because we have learned so much about this in Social Media in PR. It will be interesting to actually implement my skills in the real world. Companies, especially with older employees, need young people to bring social media to them!

#17. “Is Kell on Earth, bad news for the PR World?” by Makenzie Stratton

(4/15/10) I remember watching Kelly Cutrone on the Hills and thinking how scary and intimidating she was! I do not think I would be able to stress and high-tempo of working for someone like that. She is obviously very successful in the world of PR and fashion, and I loved watching “Kell on Earth.” I found that she really had a heart, after all. I think her employees are funny and I give them a lot of credit for putting up with all of the drama. I think the show is great because it will definitely shed light on a profession that many are unaware of and show people how much work and effort PR really is! It’s great that networks are featuring shows on topics that we can definitely learn tips from.

#18. “Sea World Disaster” by Matt Mauney

(4/15/10) I heard about this story, but was not that surprised. It is obviously such a horrible tragedy for the victim’s family and everyone surrounding the event. The trainers are well aware that these whales have the potential and strength to hurt anything in their paths, but the whales that are trained are much calmer. The whale thought it was playing a game with the victim, and was unaware he was causing harm to her. This may sound bad, but I am sure that the people who world for Sea World would much rather die doing something they love than losing their life another way. Much love to the people suffering from this event.

#19. “T.O.W. week 8” by Matt Mauney

(4/15/10) Podcasts are so interesting in that they are free and you can subscribe to as many as you want! I haven’t listened to podcasts in awhile, but I used to listen to ones from my favorite comedians and other random topics when I first got an Ipod a few years ago. They are definitely a great social media outlet that PR professionals and anyone in the business world in general should take advantage of. I think it’s great that companies such as Sea World and Toyota have used them to voice their comments to customers. Listening to actual employer voices is so much more personal than watching a TV commercial or reading a press release.

#20. “Who’s listening to your blogs” by Ashley London

(4/15/10) I totally agree that is feels good to receive a blog comment! While I feel that half of the posts I write are only read by myself or Profesor Nixon, it is nice to know that others are interested in what you have to say from time to time. I do not see the need to set a blog as “private” unless you are obviously posting things that you do not want others to read. For the purpose of my online classes, I do not say anything that I would be embarrassed for anyone online to read. When I come home and see that I have blog comments, it definitely is like oh, hey! It makes you feel less lonely in such a large online universe.

#21. “T.O.W. 13- Videos going Viral” by Makenzie Stratton

(4/15/10) I think the sneezing baby panda video is so cute! And Charlie bit my finger is one of my all-time favorites as well. Viral videos are great because they are simple and appeal to people of all ages. While some of them can be completely ridiculous and stupid in my opinion, I love looking them up when I am having a bad day or simply want a good laugh. Viral videos are so popular because anyone can relate to them and upload them in seconds. It is truly amazing how many videos and webcasts sites like YouTube have! I imagine it is millions. Watching videos online is like having “America’s Funniest Home Videos” at your fingertips. I love it!

#22. “The Visibility of a Search Engine” by Jeff Carter

(4/15/10) I think 89% of people using search engines seems like a whole lot! I know that Google is my go-to website for anything and everything I do. I use it every single day if I get online. It always produces the information I am looking for, and best of all, it is easy and free! I love that there is only one space to enter the keywords because this keeps it simple and to the point. I do not know if I have ever used an encyclopedia or a dictionary in the past years, but if I have, they have been online. Google and other search engines are truly changing the way we search.

#23. “Topic of the Week 13: Viral Videos” by Brittany Cook

(4/15/10) Social media definitely depends on participation. None of these viral videos or blogs would be worth anything unless others viewed or commented on them. Things get popular online because others share links and send them to their friends. So many videos become popular because they are bizarre and out of the ordinary. People enjoy watching others do dumb things! It is an important skill for PR practitioners to know how to make videos and podcasts because they may come in handy on a job.

#24. “Should a Business Adopt a Social Media Channel?” by Jeff Carter

(4/15/10) One of the best aspects of social media is that it can help build customer and client relationships. It is a great way for clients to give their input on company products and services, and for the businesses to get this advice in return, for free. I don’t know many long I’ve waited on the phone with companies such as Dell and not been able to talk to a real person. This is so frustrating, especially when I have given them my time and business. I think having a blog or Twitter account is great because it allows for free and immediate responses from both parties.

#25. “The Right Area of PR for You” by Meghan Callahan

(4/15/10) I really liked the link to this video! I think it is very hard to figure out what area of public relations to work in, especially when most graduates do not have experience or knowledge of all of the areas PR can cover. I don’t know how many times people have asked me what kind of work I would like to do, and I am still not sure! It tends to change on a weekly basis. I think going out and getting experience in the field is the best way to determine which area of PR is right for you.

#26. “How is PR Changing?” by Jeremy Porter

(4/15/10) Your article was really helpful! While I do use social media frequently for some of my online classes in PR, I think it is great that you say to “whip out your old textbooks.” It would be nice to know that my college career was worth something! It is so true that the modern audience has a large voice in marketing, advertising, public relations, and virtually every area of communications. Not only does this benefit the people themselves, but the businesses and companies who may not have to spend as much money on research as they used to. Social media makes it easier for conversations, and it will be interesting to see how it can and will most likely benefit public relations in the future.

#27. “Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips” by Kevin Dugan

I never really thought of the idea of “spring cleaning” for your social media. I am a big fan of change, and change my Facebook profile on a monthly basis. I didn’t think to change my Twitter or my blog profiles, possibly because I am less interested in them. Maybe by changing my picture, bio, and updating them so that they are current will make me want to use them more! I think the best thing about social media is the amount of personality and creativity you can put into it. The sky is the limit, and that can be intimidating but exciting at the same time.

#28.  “Social Media Defined in 140 Characters” by Kati Ann Wright

(4/15/10) Your definition for social media was great! I liked it because it was outside of the box and simple. I too find that with my cup of coffee in the morning comes logging online and checking the Internet. You made an excellent point when you said it needs to be like a billboard. Since you can only use 140 characters, I find myself paying attention to what others have to say more. I don’t enjoy reading blog post after blog post, and Twitter makes it quick and fast to read someone’s thoughts. I also really like your whale border, very cute!

#29. “Super Bowl Media” by Kacie Whigham

(4/15/10) I think it is clever to have featured “tweets” about the superbowl and other events. I enjoyed watching the E! Red Carpet during the Oscars because it showed celebrity twitter updates on the bottom of the screen. It is a fun way to stay current and feel connected with others across the world. I would much rather call someone and tell them about my feelings though, instead of posting it online. I think people need to get off the computer every now and then and talk to their friends face-to-face!

#30.  “TOW 13- David After Dentist” by Kacie Whigham

(4/15/10) I had never seen the video “Grape Lady Falls” until just now! That is hilarious. You are totally right when you say it is a sense of accomplishment to send a friend a funny viral video online. I spend a lot of time when I am bored watching videos on YouTube and sending the most ridiculous ones to my friends and family. They are such a cheap and easy form of entertainment that people all over the world can relate to. It is crazy how so many millions of people watch videos of just the Average Joe online! It is like a new form of fame.


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Improve Your Career With Social Media

Not until I met Professor Nixon in P.R. Publications did I realize how gigantic the field of social networking and media really is. I didn’t know that grown adults, not just young teeny-boppers and college kids, were all over the internet displaying as much information as their children. At first I found this kind of weird and time-consuming, but with a closer look, I’ve come to realize that the growing popularity of social media in the field of many careers, not just public relations, isn’t such a bad thing after all.

According to DaveFleet.com, an excellent blog on the “exploring the intersection of communications, marketing and social media,” there are many professional benefits to adding social media into your life. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Obtain references- more companies are looking to recruit people online, so why not connect with co-workers or clients through a networking site to help you find a job?

2. Stay on top of industry trends- new information is constantly being put into cyberspace, and following certain blogs pertaining to your career can help you soak up knowledge.

3. Improve your writing- the more you write, the more you expand your creativity and broaden your horizons on different topics. practice, practice, practice.

4. Learn from others- reading other people’s blogs and podcasts is going to gain useful tips while giving you the chance to give your opinions to others as well.

So whether you decide to venture into the deep sea of social networking or not, remember it doesn’t have to complicate your life. Use blogging or podcasting as a positive part of your portfolio that shows the world who you really are. Social media doesn’t have to be scary. Make it entertaining and as free-flowing as possible!

Information used in this blog can be found at http://davefleet.com/2008/11/13-ways-social-media-can-improve-your-career/

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