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blog comments: quick, easy, and important

The whole point of blogs is so that anyone in the world can post their opinions on anything they want, anytime of the day for anyone to see. There are virtually no restrictions or limitations to what one can say, and this can make blogging very complicated and overwhelming. Some find it easy to type out their thoughts and views on the internet for all to see, while others, like me, are somewhat hesistant and restrictive about what to say. I sometimes feel like I am too formal on my blog and need to understand better online blog etiquette. I’m not sure who reads my blog, and I don’t say anything particularily clever or funny that I myself would want to read.

Like any social networking site, such as Facebook or Twitter, whenever someone comments or posts something to our pages, we feel a certain gratification that someone in the world actually cares what we just had for lunch or what movie we are going to see Friday night. Providing other people with your input can be motivation enough to log onĀ and update your different pages. Commenting on other people’s blogs is a quick, easy and important way to be an active social media user.

Blog comments don’t have to be super long or boring. They can be a simple note about how a certain part of an entry made you laugh, or how something caught your eye. It will only reinforce the blogger’s confidence to continue writing in their own, unique style. In return, commenting on blogs can help give you different ideas and approaches for creating your own page. Positive criticism and tips are also great ways to show someone you are genuinely reading what they are writing. Next time to read something that affected you in some way, don’t be afraid to leave a post and let the world know how you feel!



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